Jenseits der Stille

We had to created a poster inspired by a movie in my 2D Design class. My poster was inspired by an indie-film poster I found that had hand graphics all over it. This film, Jenseits der Stille, or Beyond Silence, is a German film about a girl born to deaf parents and her passion for music. I chose to incorporate American Sign Language into the poster by spelling out out the title. The top two signs represent beyond, and the other 5 represent silence, or quiet.

Stripey Flowers

We had to design our own patterin in my 2D Design class. I really liked the Marimekko designs we looked at and had started this design several months ago (for my first website design!). I had never thought of making it into a pattern, but using the Marimekko patterns as inspiration, I created this one.

Computer Mouse meets Painter's Pallet

We had to design a logo in my 2D Design class which represents our Visual Arts and Technology department. I really wanted to bring out the Technology side of Art and Technology, and was inspired by a logo I found of a computer mouse covered in paint. I started by drawing the outline of a mouse, then added paint blobs in order to imply a painter's pallet.

Archer Meets Jester

We had to design our own costumes in my 2D Design class. I have always loved fantasy books and movie that involve elves and rangers and things of that nature. I also love the Medieval and Renaissance time periods. I was inspired partly by the Harlequin patterns and colors of jesters as well as the classic wood-elf outfit to create my costume.
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