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Following Through

I’ve heard a lot of people say that the hardest part of insert-any-challenge-here, is starting.

Silly Mirror Selfie
My best attempt at a selfie…always gotta be a little bit silly 😉

To be honest, I don’t think starting has ever been that difficult for me.

I love trying new things–probably too much. I was that person in high school and college that joined a dozen clubs, took extraneous classes, and got too many degrees. I wrote for the school paper, I played in the concert band and orchestra, I was involved in some theater productions, I took an intense sewing class, I coached a competitive cheerleading team for a year, I like to pretend I’m an excellent baker when really I use a lot of box mixes, and I’ve been trying pretty unsuccessfully to keep a bunch of flowers and succulents alive in myapartment for the past two years.

Many of those activities, while they still interest me, have been pushed aside to make way for new ones. I’ve always had pretty diverse interests, but finding time to explore those interests and even to decide which interests are a higher priority, have been difficult. The only thing I’ve really tried lately that I’ve stuck with, and continue to enjoy and be passionate about, is Aerial Circus Arts–think Cirque du Soleil on a very beginner scale. But more on that later.

The point is: I’ve actually started a blog before and made one or two fairly meaningless posts. I get bored or busy with something else soon after, no longer investing the time into continuing on. I actually do that all the time with working out. I’ll work out and eat well every day for maybe two months straight, then one day, I just don’t have the time and I spiral backwards, bored of this new “habit” or distracted by more exciting activities–like laying on the couch. Then after a month or two or three of lethargy, I’ll decide to “buckle down,” and do it all over again.

Like I said: starting isn’t too hard for me. Following through, though…that’s tough. So, I want this time to be different. I’ve read that blogs should have a key focus: travel, food, crafting, or whatever that one thing is that you’re really passionate about or good at. Well…I don’t think I can do that too well.

I also think that’s why I’ve never really been able to do this before. I like too many things–and I might not be good enough at any one thing to really focus on that. So, I’m going to try writing about anything and everything that comes to mind. I’ve always enjoyed writing, both creative fiction and non-fiction, and I’m hoping this helps me get back into a habit of writing.

write about something you know and write about something you care about

My high school English teacher told me that good writing came down to two key main components: write about something you know and write about something you care about. With that in mind, sometimes this may seem like a journal, other times an instruction manual. Sometimes it may just be a collection of photos with a few captions. I really don’t know yet. I was inspired to start this due to a recent trip that many people have asked me about. Whether they just wanted to know how I enjoyed the trip, or how it was all planned out and what I’d suggest doing if they were ever to visit, I thought this could be a fun way to get all that information out there.

Regardless of what this becomes, or what the unknown “ending” is, I hope you stick around long enough to see this through with me 🙂

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